About NFT Crew Lab

Octopus Roger example

NFT Crew Lab is an NFT platform on Cardano blockchain and our goal is to support and grow the Cardano community with our unique and valuable collections.

We are proud to present our first NFT collection, the Jolly Roger's Crew! AHR! AHR! AHR!

The collection consists of 10,000 unique pirates of different rarities and is the result of the union of hand-drawn digital design and sophisticated creation algorithms.

Be part of the crew, grab as many Roger as you can! AHR! AHR! AHR!

How a Roger is composed

Why get a cNFT?

We believe NFTs are changing the world of art, giving the possibility to unknown artists to put themselves in foreground and be known by millions of people in a simple and fast way; something that years ago was almost impossible. Furthermore, thanks to cNFTs, our works of art are visible to the whole world and certified by the blockchain to last forever. Someone considers NFTs the long-awaited way to give value and uniqueness to digital content.

The NFTs are therefore 'digital information' that ensure that the file they are associated with has its own peculiarity and individuality. As regards digital artworks, it is equivalent to saying that they are signed by their author, who in this way recognizes the authenticity and can, if necessary, transfer ownership.

Here are some rogers!

FrogAsian ManCrocodileWhite WomanSkullCaribbea ManCatSquidZombie

Token Policy

To verify that your Roger is original, check that the Policy ID matches the following:

Check Policy ID on Cardano Scan